Connect With Queen Afua

Find out more when and where you can connect with Queen Afua online and in person.



Planet Heal: 24 Hour Global Fast

*Via Teleconference

Spring Equinox: Fri. Mar. 16th, 6pm - 12am (Midnight) & Sat. March 17th, 6am - 12pm (Noon)

Summer Solstice: Fri. Jun. 16th, 6pm - 12am (Midnight) & Sat. Jun. 17th, 6am - 12pm (Noon)

Fall Equinox: Fri. Sept. 21st, 6pm - 12am (Midnight) & Sat. Sept. 22nd, 6am - 12pm (Noon)

Winter Solstice: Fri. Dec. 21st, 6pm - 12am (Midnight) & Sat. Dec. 22nd, 6am - 12pm (Noon)