A Rites Of Passage Program For Women

APR 7, 2019 — JUL 31, 2019

Sacred Woman is a 12-week rites of passage program designed to empower women of all walks of life, with practical tools for holistic well-being rooted in ancient African cultural teachings.


WEEK 1 : Sacred Womb - Overcome the womb diseased woman & receive womb wellness.

WEEK 2 : Sacred Word - Overcome the gossiping woman & transform your words into medicine.

WEEK 3 : Sacred Foods - Overcome the emotional eating woman & use foods as medicine.

WEEK 4 : Sacred Movement - Overcome the stagnant woman & learn womb yoga and spiritual fitness.

WEEK 5 : Sacred Beauty - Overcome the wounded child & magnify your inner and outer beauty.

WEEK 6 : Sacred Space - Overcome the intuitively blocked woman & become an intuitive woman.

WEEK 7 : Sacred Healing - Overcome the broken woman & become the medicine woman.

WEEK 8 : Sacred Relationships - Overcome the hurt woman & become the emotionally balanced woman.

WEEK 9 : Sacred Union - Overcome the solo woman & become an empowered woman.

WEEK 10 : Sacred Lotus Woman - Overcome & become a woman of profound vision.

WEEK 11 : Sacred Time - Overcome the procrastinating woman & become a creator through sacred time.

WEEK 12 : Sacred Work - Overcome the common & professionally empty woman and wombnifest your purpose.


This program will be taught online and culminate in a live graduation in New York City that will also feature a weekend of group festivities, all led by Queen Afua.


Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit is an international bestseller that teaches women how to love their bodies, nurture their spirits and manifest the visions of their minds.


Queen Afua created the Sacred Woman Global Village in 1995 as a place for women to connect with each other and learn how to be more powerful in their families, their communities & the world.​



“Just when I thought I was all alone, I found myself walking with a group of conscious women who were taking sacred steps and speaking sacred words through Queen Afua's Global Sacred Woman Village."

— Erykah Badu, Recording Artist


"Since the first page I read in The Sacred Woman book, I became a vegetarian, and that was the point where all my spiritual, physical, and mainly emotional search for healing took action. Just when I needed that strength to go through all that I was living; I found your book on 125th St. in Harlem. For me, it was sent to me. We, women need to learn more, to connect with that wisdom we always had inside of us, but because we give all that power to the outside, we become victims. I really thank you for all that you share. I admire you, thank you for being part of my healing process, for taking me to the huge door of my insides powerful world that I never thought I would find. God bless you and keep using you as He is using you as his instrument to help heal this world, using the feminine energy that was shut down for so long." — Karen Johnson

"I was told there was a lump in my breast. They drew on my breast with a red marker. They wanted to cut and take a sample to see if it was cancerous. I was so upset and I did refuse to let them sample any of my tissue. Instead, I went to Afriware Bookstore (Oak Park, IL) and purchased your book, Sacred Woman. I begin to slowly go through your book. I rubbed my breast in clay and almond oil. Made changes in my diet and months later went for a mammogram and lump was gone. No trace at all. I also made changes in how I felt about myself, body, & soul. I have The “Most High” and you to thank for that. I will always cherish you and your teachings." Annette Diop

"During a time in my life when I was very ignorant about health, wellness and nutrition, I trained as an initiate under the guidance of Queen Afua. The women leaders were lovely and very empowered. I engaged dialogues of mutual enrichment that help restore me a little further along the search for wisdom and love. Sacred Woman, her lovely book was like a sacred book for me while healing and the search for wisdom. No other wisdom seeker provided healthy images and knowledge for black women, and many still do not. Beyond the empowered concept of a divine feminine, lessons on diet, nutrition and fasting were simply right on time for me and my family." — Abenah Smith



$895 USD.